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Tahiti Naturel Monoi de Tahiti 

Wholesale Information

Enhance your own formulations with Monoi


We are very excited to make this outstanding natural ingredient available on the US market and to allow other companies to integrate it in their own formulas. Thus creating superior natural products with amazing benefits for the consumers. Today, the Tahitian Monoi Oil is used by dozens and dozens, not to say hundreds of independent laboratories across The United States. Some of our clients have exported their own product lines all over the world and as far as South America, Australia and Asia. We are proud to participate to their success, either be hair care products, body care products, skin protection products etc…

Your laboratory too can experience a strong growth by integrating our MONOI OIL and its benefits in your own creative formula.


We can supply you with a Non-Fragranced or Fragranced Monoi oil.

Various other extracts can also be used to reproduce Tahitian frangipani, hibiscus, ylang-ylang, coconut or Tahitian vanilla scents. These are made “to order” only.



Ordering information:


We sell the Monoi Oil in quantity as small as jugs of 11 lbs and as large as drums of 450 lbs. Each batch of our Monoi Oil comes with a dedicated Certificate of Origin and a Certificate of Analysis that will provide you with the peace of mind and the guarantee that you are buying the best and second to none quality of Monoi Oil.


To place an order for our Monoi or for more information, please call us directly at 800-587-3536 or email us.

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