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Tiare Monoi de Tahiti A.O. is the "Appellation d'Origine" (Guarantee of Origin), set by French decree awarded only to the finest of products manufactured according to the strictest of standards. It is a recognition of traditional native ‘know-how’ as well as the unique qualities characteristic of local soils. 


French decree No. 92-340 protects the production of Monoï de Tahiti with an "Appellation d'Origine" which outlines specific production standards for manufacturing Monoï de Tahiti, thereby ensuring the highest of quality as well as authenticity. 


Because of its immense popularity, Monoi de Tahiti is one of the most copied cosmetic products on the market today. In a market flooded with counterfeits, the Guarantee of Origin logo is your assurance that you are purchasing products made with pure, unadulterated Monoi de Tahiti – truly manufactured in Tahiti!


Decree 92-340 - April 1st, 1992 modified by text N°313/CM of February 20th, 2008.



Do not except any other subsitutions or imitations! Purchase Monoi de Tahiti Oils only with the seal of authenticity!



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