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What is Noni Juice?


The noni fruit is one of the traditional natural remedies used by indigenous peoples of various                                         tropical regions including the islands of French Polynesia. It is an essential element of the                                             islands’ natural pharmacopeia that has been used and passed down for generations to                                                   promote the equilibrium and balance that are so essential to optimal health.




How do you drink Noni Juice?


Noni Juice is preferably taken 100% PURE, in the morning, before breakfast. Its naturally bitter taste and strong odor diminish considerably with refrigeration. However, if you would prefer to mix it occasionally with a fruit juice, it is preferable to choose an unsweetened juice to preserve the natural benefits of the Noni without compromising its integrity. Pure, organic pineapple juice without added sugar is an ideal choice because of its similarities to Noni.


How much to take?


We recommend starting with 1 oz per day – in the morning 1/2 hour before breakfast. As each body is different, you’ll need to find your proper level of consumption. Experiment by adding a bit more each week until you find that you start to experience the benefits you are looking for.


Why do some Noni Juices have a different taste?


A good 100% PURE authentic Noni juice must have a liquid consistency, a brown color, and a naturally bitter taste which rapidly dissipates and does not linger.


However, it must not be « undrinkable ». If the juice is thick or if there is a rather pleasant sweetened taste it means that it has been mixed copiously with useless ingredients in order to mask the natural bitterness of the noni fruit. This is a sure indication that this is not a 100% pure Noni Juice but rather a cocktail of ingredients, one of which happens to be noni!


If it is actually undrinkable, either as a result of its bitterness which necessitates a rinse of the mouth, or as a result of oxidation (a very dark, opaque color), then it is a juice which is not fresh or which has undergone several transformations including several pasteurization processes. It is most likely energetically « flat » – with little or no effectiveness.


Can I drink Noni Juice while I am pregnant?


Although Noni Juice is of 100% natural vegetable origin, it is important to seek the advice of your health adviser before drinking the juice during your pregnancy.


Does Noni Juice cause allergies?


100% PURE NONI Juice has existed since ancient times. It has now been marketed for at least 16 years throughout the world. There are no known allergies to Noni Juice.


Allergies, often linked to the immune system, are in general still poorly understood. They can create unforeseeable reactions. Any product – even a natural one – may trigger them. Generally, it is enough to stop taking the food in question when a reaction occurs.


However, if the amounts of Noni Juice are excessive, generally more than the recommended 30ml (1 oz) daily dosage, the body could show a variety of reactions such as headaches, diarrhea, etc. These reactions are not always allergies, and one can simply return to the recommended dosage.


If the symptoms persist even while taking the recommended dosage, stop taking Noni Juice and consult a health adviser.


Does Noni Juice present any counter indications?


In vary rare cases it seems that Noni Juice can present counter indications.


Since our Noni Juice is 100% pure, it could cause difficulties in people with kidney insufficiency or liver problems. It can also cause problems for individuals who cannot tolerate significant amounts of potassium.


The photos on this website provide close up images of the Supplement FactsIf you have the slightest doubt or suffer from the above problems you should review the supplement details and obtain the opinion of your health adviser.


Remember that Noni Juice is not a medicine and is not a means of treating any disease – either serious or benign.


Can Noni Juice be given to children?


Yes, but in very small amounts to ensure that the child does not have any adverse reactions.It is preferable to start by mixing it with unsweetened fruit juice and increasing the proportion of Noni Juice little by little.


Can Noni Juice be given to animals?


Yes, absolutely. If your animal tolerates its bitter taste and strong odor then we recommend you administer it directly by mouth with a dropper.


It is important to regulate the amount given according to the weight and size of the animal (cat, dog, bird, etc) and watch for any sign such as diarrhea which could signify that the dosage is too large.


Is there a difference between your Organic Noni Juice and Noni Juice from other places?


Since our Noni Juice is 100% pure and organic one cannot compare it with any juices that are not. 


However, we can compare the Noni fruit from Tahiti itself to Noni fruit from Hawaii or Costa Rica.  Like all fruit that grows in different parts of the world, the Noni fruit does have slight variations from location to location.


The Noni juice produced from the different locations has different sugar and juice yields because of the differences in the climate and the soil.


We’ve chosen to produce our 100% Pure Noni Juice using Noni fruits from Tahiti, because the naturally strong taste of our Tahitian Noni is quite drinkable without having to dilute it with either fruit juices (even though it can be done) water or other additives which would compromise the integrity of the Noni Juice and its potency & benefits.

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