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 A Miracle Fruit!

100% PURE NONI juice, without any additives, is a natural traditional remedy which helps to stimulate the harmony and balance of the body organism, synonymous with good health and vitality.


The Noni fruit grows on a tree called « MORINDA CITRIFOLIA » (of the family of the Rubiaceas) that grows abundantly in the Southern Pacific regions (TAHITI and its islands) and in certain other tropical countries. It reaches maturity in less than two years and can reach up to 25 feet high.
The tree bears flowers all year round and produce fruits on an average of 10 to 15 lbs per month which has made indigenous people call it the “famine food”. The fruit has a pungent odor when ripening, and is also known as cheese fruit.


The Noni fruit which when ripe has the size of an avocado undergoes three stages of maturity:
1. The green stage when the fruit is as hard as a stone.
2. The yellow stage (mid maturity) when the fruit is still firm.
3. The final “white or gray” stage of maturity, when the fruit is very soft, full of juice and can easily be crushed.

It is at the final stage that it is harvested and pressed to produce as much juice as possible.


For as how long as Tahitian people can remember the Noni fruit and the Noni Juice has been a significant part of their lifestyle & has always held a special place in the traditional medicine of Tahiti. But the real worldwide take-off of the Noni Juice as a powerful remedy, adopted by the international community goes back to 1995, first in the USA , then in Asia and finally in Europe. A numerous studies and research have been conducted around the world that confirm the benefits of this amazing and unique fruit.



The Benefits of Polynesian Noni Juice


The Polynesian Noni Fruit and Polynesian Noni Juice are an integral part of the traditional natural remedies used by indigenous peoples of various tropical regions including the French Polynesian islands. An essential element of the islands’ natural pharmacopeia, Noni Fruit has been used and passed down for generations. The Essential Noni Juice Benefit is that NONI promotes the equilibrium and balance that are so essential today for optimal health! You may notice some of the following benefits, based on your needs:



• improved immune system
• free radical mitigation
• toxin neutralization
• powerful natural analgesic with anti-inflammatory properties
• potent antioxidants which guard and repair body cells
• natural laxative

natural traditional remedy which helps to stimulate the harmony and balance of the body organism, synonymous with             good   health and vitality.


Why Buy 100% Pure Organic Noni Juice 

To profit from all of the many valuable benefits of the NONI juice without the interference of other ingredients, often useless, acting against its integrity (sugar and diabetes for example). Those are generally used to camouflage poor production quality or to reduce the manufacturer's costs, but not your purchase price. 

Be careful! Read the ingredients which should only list : Juice of Morinda Citrifolia (the botanical name of the NONI) and NOTHING ELSE.


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Incorporate Tahiti Naturel Pure Organic Noni Juice into your diet TODAY and start to reap the benefits.





Boost Your Energy

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